Mens Rock Style Clothing

New Rock Unisex-Adults Style 134 Boots - 11.5 US, Black/Silver



Wearing these New Rock Boots Style 134 will allow you to keep your feet protected effectively on a daily basis, giving you the freedom to enjoy your day more. The five adjustable side straps will ensure that these shoes are securely fastened, making sure that you feel comfortable throughout the day and that they won't feel loose. The zip on the interior of these New Rock Boots Style 134 will give you an extra layer of protection that will give you some extra comfort. Cause A Stir With New Rock Boots Style 134. Featuring a completely unique design, these New Rock Boots Style 134 will ensure that your image does not go unnoticed when walking down the street. The design consists of a tower sole with a number of metal accessories that ensure extra protection and a number of spikes on the front and back of the leg. These New Rock Boots Style 134 feature a hard leather exterior that makes these shoes very durable, protecting your feet from numerous weather conditions. You are bound to be the centre of attention at every occasion when wearing these New Rock Boots Style 134 as the intricate detail will not go unnoticed. These mid-calf leather boots will take care of the bottom half of your legs, giving you the chance to put more effort into the rest of your look. So order yourself a pair of these New Rock Boots Style 134 today so you can start enjoying their awesome effects right away.